Mount Sanitas with Kim, Kayla, Wyatt

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Weather is cooling and Kim and I need to get back into our hiking program. She has been out of town for the last few weeks and it was too cold on another. This week — it is on! However, Kim and I realized last night that our Friday hike this week would be preempted by a program at Sydney’s school this week. Crap! So even when the kids are in school, we can’t get away. What is the world coming to! But we noticed a gap on the calendar this morning and the weather looked great, so we went for it today instead.

I have been lengthening the list of trails to take Kim on as I have expanded my routes in Boulder Mountain Park during her hiatus. I had a decent rolling hillish route planned from South Mesa for today. But last night, Kim decided that she wanted to go to Sanitas so I could show her the way up via the East Ridge. The first and last time Kim was on Sanitas, I tried to kill her by taking an old non-trail down because I got lost. Not anymore! Secretly, I think she always hears me talk about how I love Miss Sanitas now and she had to go see what kind of funny business my mistress had in store.

Mount Sanitas

Weather was nice and cool to start. With Wyatt and Kayla all ready to go, we headed up the trail. I knew taking a year off hiking and exercise while giving birth to Kayla would take its toll on Kim’s body. Her heart was racing as we made our way up but we kept at the small talk and had fun watching Wyatt interact with all the other dogs on the trail. We took it nice and easy and steadily made our way up. I keep trying to get better at my words of encouragement — being sure not to use a page out of the Justin Mock handbook — LET’S GOOOOO! The route always gets more fun when you get off the dirt and on to the rocks but Kim’s knee wasn’t too excited. Last year, the big challenge was building strength in her knee after a fall she had years ago. She made good strides against it last season but that has went away over the course of childbirth. I gave her some distance left numbers from time to time and she yelled at me once telling me that was the same number as last time. It wasn’t — but when you are going up like this, the miles don’t just melt.

We reached the summit and I was ready for the victory picture. When I turned around, Kim was already on the backside headed down. So much for the summit celebration. She was quicker on and off than JV is at the summit. We headed back down with gravity on our side. The knee seemed to hold up because she wasn’t cursing at me. But she wasn’t talking a lot either so I knew it hurt.

Mount Sanitas

We ran into a group of gray haired folks after descending about 1/2 down. They asked us how much further. I knew exactly so I quote the mileage but that didn’t seem to mean a lot to them. So I said in sort of a frank tone — You have a ways to go. They had been climbing for an hour. They were looking for the summit around every turn. Then one woman turned to the one guy who arranged the trip — that’s the last time we let you pick the trail! Oops. Been there before, buddy. Good to know that it stays that way for years to come. We moved past and continued our descent back to the car.

Mount Sanitas

Just as we exited the last section of trail, a snake crossed my path. I felt awesome because I didn’t scream like a girl in front of my wife — again. We got back to the car and Kayla finally woke up. She never made a peep up or down the mountain. As long as we were moving, she was happy. What a tropper. Hey, both of them — Kim and Kayla! I was proud of Kim. While we did hike around on the Mesa Trail a few weeks ago, this was our first mountain outing on her 2009 Comeback Tour and she choose Sanitas as the first victim. Pretty strong work there! Would you say?!?! I love you, Honey! Where to next week?

I went 3.12 miles with an elevation gain of 1,456 feet in 02:26:52, which is an average pace of 47:02. View my GPS data.