Run: Slow 4M with SNOW (4.02 mi)

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Twenty-four degrees. Snowing. Time for a jog. Glad it was a short/slow day. Felt good out there though. Just keeping it loose. Legs felt tight in a good way. Ended up being plenty warm in shorts, Gore-Tex shell and long sleeve Under Armour.

The kids spent the morning rolling in the snow in the backyard. They were happy to see it — even if I wasn’t just yet.


We went to lunch in Boulder and had pizza. I rarely go for untested pizza but did today. And I paid the price — I have been sick all afternoon with stomach aches. I really am trying to narrow this down and it must be either a wheat allergen or some gluten intolerance. This is why my diet tends to go in short known circles. I don’t want to feel this way. Still feeling like crap and its 9PM now. Should be good by morning. I have a final practice run ahead of me at pace so I want to be on for it.

I went 4.02 miles with an elevation gain of 380 feet in 00:32:12, which is an average pace of 08:00. View my GPS data.