Weekly Training Summary (104 Miles)

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Thought about just emailing this update to George since he seems to be the only one that comments anymore…

9 outings for 15 hours and 56 minutes for 104.08 miles

Mon – Slow Half Marathon

Tue – 7 x 800m Fast / Green Mountain

Wed – Mount Sanitas x 2

Thu – Steady 12M

Fri – Slow 20M

Sat – Slow Trail 16M

Sun – Slow Trail 10M / Easy Half Marathon

Record mileage. Previous was first week of this past August at 100 even. That one was about 15 miles a day on roads near home. This week here had nearly 40% on trails. It was slower but expectantly so.

I feel like I am in the zone. Lots of running. No pain. Slight hip soreness. Everything is getting faster and easier. Can I last 2 more weeks? The wait begins. It is getting colder outside and that will test my will.

The plan was to get the mileage back on track for a final push before Denver. I wanted 80+ but the opportunity for more runs came when the family went out of town for the weekend. So I stacked up more good solid runs back to back and just kept chippin’ (that was a new term Justin and I learned at the shootout). Goal was to fatigue myself so every run started with sluggish legs.

After the back to back mountain runs at Green then Sanitas, my left knee was out of whack. The good news was the it hurt standing around, going up stairs, or anything else — except running. That seemed to loosen it up. So I didn’t baby the injury and just kept running through it. It cleared up in two days and all is well.

Had a dream week in regards to running with others. So much fun. I run nearly all of my miles by myself but this week, I think for the first time ever — I had company more than not. Plus, I got to meet a bunch of folks for the first time: Brownie, Justin and Chris. Plus, got to hang out with my dear old friends, George and Jeff. Really enjoyed it, guys. Hoping everybody doesn’t hibernate over the winter. Maybe I will have to throw a BQ party for myself — if I make it — sounds like a great excuse for some more Fuck Yeah IPA!

So now it is off to taper. Runner’s World came in the mail the other day and had a taper article. Always good for a refresher on the latest. The charts said 70% then 30% for the two weeks before. Stay on your high intensity workouts and skip your slow miles. OK, then. So I think I will go with that plan and start shaving down the workouts tomorrow. Frankly, my biggest worry becomes turning into a big bloated cow by race day. I have gotten used to burning all these calories that I need to adapt or I may feel huge by race time. Although, I haven’t been eating that much lately. My body seems to be tuned to taking in just what it needs.

Congrats to Glenn, who just ran a 3:31 today to qualify for Boston 2010! How many visits will that be now? 52 years and still chippin’!


Each week I have been putting song lyrics at the bottom of these posts. They show what song and what lyric has stuck in my mind while grinding that week. I may go to Denver with no iPod but the tunes will be playing in my head regardless.

You won’t break me, no matter how hard you try

You can’t shake me down, I’m fucking bulletproof

   — FFDP

Time to go pass out.