Run: Heil Ranch (10.01 mi)

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I had thought about running high in the mountains this morning but after the temps dropped yesterday, I knew I better stay closer to home. Woke up this morning and the east face of Longs Peak had its first coat of winter whiteness.


Chris Lee and I decided to meet up to run Heil Ranch. I have never met Chris in person before. He lives a few cities over. Another running blogger meet-up! Chris was one of the first bloggers that I saw following me a few years back. I have some Google Alerts setup and one came in for a mention of me on his blog. Who’s this guy? Turns out he was a local guy that was following my running and using it to help his own. Right on. In turn, I followed him and the usual practice of blog stalking began. This is the phenomenon wherein you know a lot about a person, their activities, their family, etc. but have never met the person in person. It is cool yet weird.


Chris and I got to Heil to an empty parking lot. Started at 8:30 AM to get a little sun and heat going. 40 degrees. Sleeves and gloves. Chris mentioned at the start that he hoped I was tired and would take it easy on him. Such a compliment! I am used to being the one at the back of the train. We headed straight up the Wapati Trail to the junction. HR was in my steady range but legs weren’t sharp. Took a breather and went around the outer loops, Ponderosa and Wild Turkey. Those loops are great trail. Some nice gravel sections. Some nice rolling meadow sections. Then a crappy little climb back up to the junction. We were able to hold more of a conversation through these parts but I had to keep focused on the trail. Lots of fixed rock on the trail. I went down on my thumb here before. Then back down Wapati to Litchen Loop and the cars. The run back down was nice and fast. I saw 6 and 7 minute paces on the watch depending on the section. I bet I have gotten a lot faster at descending that stuff since I was here last. The parking lot was full with bikers just getting ready to start their day.

HR ended up averaging in the slow range but it didn’t feel like a slow run.

Thanks for the run, Chris. I was great meeting you and it was a great pace. PPM 2010 for you all the way!

I went 10.01 miles with an elevation gain of 1,547 feet in 01:32:47, which is an average pace of 09:16. View my GPS data.