Run: Slow 20M / Golden Ponds (20.03 mi)

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Long run day. I don’t dread these. Kind of look forward to them. Nice calorie burning pace for an extended period of time. Reading latest Colorado Runner last night and one article claimed you can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Really? What is the window on “same time”? I feel stronger and I weigh less after … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.72 mi)

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Back to the hills. Short warm-up for a mile down Mapleton then it was time to run up. I felt really “ehhh”. About 5 minutes into the run up, I looked at my watch to see what my HR was doing and it was off. Doh! I hit the wrong button at the start. There goes the PR measurement. That … Read More

Busted Motor

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Today, my motor broke. Tried to do my 4 x 1.5M Fast and blew it. I fucking hate this workout for starters. So I wasn’t mentally there. Then I never seem to get properly warmed up and I blow the first interval leading to more blowing on the subsequent. Tried a combination of pausing during or running slower to finish. … Read More

Wyatt: OK

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Since Wyatt got out of the hospital, we had him back for another x-ray. The mass was still in his belly region. What is it? The only way to tell was to get him in for an ultrasound. We spaced this stuff apart because I felt like it was some remainder of his trauma…and not cancer. Kim took Wyatt in … Read More