Boulder Half Marathon 2009

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:35:26 (PR) Pace 7:18 Rank 41 of 1680 (Top 2.5%) GPS Analysis Strava Boulder, once again. 5th year in a row. Every year a PR. What will this year entail? I started getting more sleep a few days in advance to rest up. I never focused on this before. Always tried to get a great night’s … Read More


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So I get to packet pickup and give my name. No bib. Huh? Someone pick it up for you? No. Crap. All of sudden something clicked — was that the day that I tried to register and the Internet went down at home and it never finished the checkout? Went to the timing table and they looked me up every … Read More

Hike: Mesa Trail (3.82 mi)

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Still tapering. No running. So we hiked! Kim, Kayla, Wyatt and I started up our fall hiking schedule today with a jaunt along the Mesa Trail. Sort of odd to be swapping out Dakota (our former leader) and swapping in Kayla. But we gotta start Kayla young so she is trail-savvy from the start. Kayla was in the baby holder … Read More

Run: Easy 8M / Mesa Trail (8.37 mi)

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I opted to skip Sanitas today given the run there on Sunday. What to do? Didn’t feel like going to the top of anything as I am supposed to be tapering. But I wanted to run. So I just set out for a 90 minute easy run through a variety of trails concentrating on the Mesa Trail. I left from … Read More