Run: Green Mountain Extreme (6.87 mi)

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Started the day with 7 x 800m Fast with Short Recoveries. Nailed them all per the plan. Felt good. Bonked last time I had to do this set and it was defeating. Got some rest and prepared for the 2-fer!

Met up with GZ, JV, and Brownieat Boulder Mountain Park for an evening run. Brownie was up in Boulder for the day so the plan was to show him some of the regular routes in the area.


That was until JV got to call the shot on the route. Green Mountain usually involves going up Gregory Canyon behind the Flatirons — but Jeff knew another way — up and over! OK. Here is the route map. Click through to enlarge.

Green Mountain Extreme

The grade was crazy at a few spots. Power hike, ON!


I hadn’t gone up the Flatirons before. Nice route. Straight up via switchbacks. More relentless than other routes. From there we made the off-road cut over to Greenman and headed towards the summit of Green. Once on the trail again, I was ready for my Tour de France attack on Jeff. He probably had been taking it easy leading us out but I figured I would give him a challenge. I came up through the pack and got right on his shoes. I was going for a step as he was leaving it. He kinda turned and saw me there and took off. My HR was up too high so I couldn’t keep after him. One turn later, he was out of sight. As I reached the summit, he was sitting up on the rock chilling out wondering what happened to me. I was about 48 minutes up on my watch. Probably a record time given the route.


Everyone gave Brownie the skyline tour from the summit. Then Jeff bailed on us to get back home to his baby, Sierra. GZ, Brownie and I proceeded to run to the top of Flagstaff Road, then jumped onto Long Canyon, then back down and around to the parking lot. Ended up at just over 90 minutes of great trail running.

We then headed over to the Southern Sun to sample some tasty beverages. Given we were hanging with Brownie, this was a requirement. We let him choose and he came up with the Fuck Yeah IPA. It was good stuff after a hard run. Carb replacement. We all chatted it up for quite a while covering anything and everything running. Got some pointers from Brownie’s past Leadville 100 finishes that I will apply to my own quest. Brownie is also headed to Boston 2010 — hoping that I can join the Colorado contingent on that one. 3 more weeks till we know.

I went 6.87 miles with an elevation gain of 2,785 feet in 01:35:38, which is an average pace of 13:54. View my GPS data.

Thanks GZ for putting this together and letting me steal your photos.