Weekly Training Summary (73 miles)

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8 outings for 11 hours and 43 minutes for 73.03 miles.

My first black toe!

Black Toe

Mon – Marathon Goal Pace 5M

Tue – Slow 10M

Wed – Mount Sanitas x 2

Thu – Slow 20M

Fri – Steady 10M

Sat – Mount Sanitas / Brisk 7M

Sun – Slow 10M

Last Sunday was the Boulder Half Marathon. As the day progressed, I knew I left more on the table than I thought. 0 soreness. Good deal I guess. Need to be ready for the next big thing. However, that half did exactly what it always does — makes me run faster and harder from then on. Each year, I finish that race and notice may paces drop the following week. My body seems to decide that we should run that pace more often!

So Monday AM was cloudy, wet and cold. A perfect day to stay in and take the day off. But I didn’t. There was a break in the rain so I told Kim I would meet her at Panera for lunch in about 45 minutes. I would run. She would pick-up Reagan from school and meet me there. I figured I had to do marathon goal pace to get there so it would be a nice run. I walked in the second she was getting our food from the counter. Perfect! And it started to rain again, so I bailed on the run back home.

The cold weather continued into Tuesday. I reluctantly put on a shirt and ran again. After 10 miles, my nipples were sanded off! Guess being shirtless since probably April has its downside.

Wednesday was back to Sanitas for the weekly ritual. I enjoy it so much because it demonstrates measurable progress. Every week I start thinking about doing more and more laps but then I realize I need to get to work. Basically tied my PR with no pacer. Getting closer to my sub-20 goal there.

Back to the long run on Thursday. Sort of dreaded it for the first time in the fall season. How many times do I have to do this loop? Well, I got out there and made it more interesting with a hike in pace towards the back half. The sun broke out around then and powered me the rest of the way. Summer is not dead yet. Actually, hurt a little after that run. First time this season. Loved it. Still recall walking those final miles home a few years ago in shame.

Got back out on Friday to try and stretch it out. Sort of didn’t have my head in it but made it happen. As soon as I hit the road, I started hauling for no apparent reason. Turned it into a marathon pace run instead of the usual slow run. Felt real good.

Saturday, I took Peep to Sanitas and walk/hiked/ran with her on my back for all but a mile of it. A little quad stress there. Nice change up. Hoped I wouldn’t hurt something. I find I can run forever but get me doing something slightly different and injury may occur. Got back home and noticed I need more miles on the day so put down another 7 nearby.

I had planned for a 2-fer on Sunday but didn’t get the PM part done. Sundown at 7:30 but that idea to rest. Plus, I finally decided — that was enough for this week.

So a little less total mileage on the week than I had planned but got more fast paced workouts in so I think that is a better mix at this point.

Hoping for big miles this coming week. Probably final big week of the season. Should taper the 2 after that. Focus on key workouts and give up the slow miles.