Boulder Results Finally Up

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No explanation. Data showed up just now. 48+ hours later. Whatever.

35th place for men.

41st with women included. They didn’t do a combined list so you had to do math to figure this out.

9th in my division (M30-34).

Official time was 1:35:26.

41st place last year was 1:29 — the theory that the wind took off at least 2-3 minutes for everyone seems to be holding.

By itself, I am not overly happy with this result in retrospect. Could have been better. But with the conditions, a 1:33 might have happen. Who cares? Sub 1:30 was the only interesting goal and that wasn’t going to happen there that day. Next time if I taper for it (like an A Goal race) and get a decent day, it is in the bag. So with the season in perspective, it is OK. I won’t kick a PR out of bed.