A Day in the Life5 Comments

So I get to packet pickup and give my name. No bib. Huh? Someone pick it up for you? No. Crap. All of sudden something clicked — was that the day that I tried to register and the Internet went down at home and it never finished the checkout?

Went to the timing table and they looked me up every way under the sun. No me.

Oddly, I get emails like weekly from the race about being ready, instructions, etc. So it never dawned on me. Registration was closed — but they let me in. Sweet. Even better they let me in for free. Told me it could have been their mistake and if I realize it was mine that I should drop them a check in the mail.

Came home and searched high and low. Nothing confirming my registration. Check is in the mail. I fucked up. Oh well. Bib #2912 acquired.

Ready to run in the morning!