Hike: Mesa Trail (3.82 mi)

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Still tapering. No running. So we hiked!

Kim, Kayla, Wyatt and I started up our fall hiking schedule today with a jaunt along the Mesa Trail. Sort of odd to be swapping out Dakota (our former leader) and swapping in Kayla. But we gotta start Kayla young so she is trail-savvy from the start.

Kayla was in the baby holder thingy facing me. She pretty much slept the whole time. After about an hour and 45 minutes, we had to stop so she could take a drink. Then we finished up 15 minutes later back at the car. We won the award for the youngest kid on the trail today but we saw a bunch of folks carrying their offspring just as we were.

My lovely wife had to point out to me that my son, Wyatt, always smells a new approaching dog at the penis first. Really? No, dogs smell butts. So I watched. The next 3 dogs — yep, penis. Why is he smelling their penis? Actually, asses are grosser I guess but we are all used to that concept I think with dogs. Anyway, it was great to be out with Kim once again after many months off. Alone (sort of) and talking. The best realization of the day was when Kim went to put on her backpack. It was straight out of storage from last fall. She went to put the waist belt on and it didn’t quite go all the way around. Oops. Guess that baby effect isn’t gone yet after 5 weeks. So that’s why we hike! I am sure she will regain fitness in no time.

Nice easy day. No sightings. No new bear skat from the other day. Tons of people on the trail.


I went 3.82 miles with an elevation gain of 1,892 feet in 01:49:43, which is an average pace of 28:45. View my GPS data.