Run: Easy 8M / Mesa Trail (8.37 mi)

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I opted to skip Sanitas today given the run there on Sunday. What to do? Didn’t feel like going to the top of anything as I am supposed to be tapering. But I wanted to run. So I just set out for a 90 minute easy run through a variety of trails concentrating on the Mesa Trail. I left from Chautauqua and went straight up. Good steady climb. Then took Mesa and saw a ton of bear skat. Great! I am going to be eaten by these god damn bears. Took my headphones off and considered going to REI to buy some bear bells for next time. Came up out of the first canyon and right in the middle of the trail was — a fox. Big fox, as foxes go. Just looking at me. Started coming at me but he was focused on something up and off the trail in the hills. He trusted me more than whatever that was. I took a pause and watched him cruise by me and off into the tall grass. Kept heading south and came to the Skunk Canyon junction. Thought about taking it but the sign said this and Gregory are where the bears are. Bye. As I got closer to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research), I decided to run over to it. Never been there. Turns out there is a tour. Some other time. Shirtless sweaty dudes not allowed. Decided to run down Table Mesa Drive for some speed. Nice but I wasn’t really going where I needed to be. Near the bottom, I jumped into a neighborhood and found my way through and came out at NIST. Ran through the complex and out into another neighborhood. Headed back west and eventually found another trail entrance at 4 Pines. Took that trail up to the Koeler Mesa and maybe part of the Enchanted Mesa and found the Mesa Trail again! Returned back to the truck in 90 minutes.

I felt really good on the run. Not sure if it was great but no gut issues, no soreness, no quitting. Ran straight up all those mesa routes nice and steady. HR was nice and high and felt just fine. I have a few more beats per minute in my comfort zone now.

I drained my single water bottle on the run in an hour. Normal but I didn’t plan for that so I had a hydration limitation there. Not really any spots to fill up out there except streams (no thanks). Probably should commit to my light hydro pack if more than and hour out there. Today was the first time I broke that rule.

Ready for 2 days off now. 0 miles. Packet pickup Friday. Short run on Saturday. Kick ass on Sunday.

I went 8.37 miles with an elevation gain of 2,181 feet in 01:28:23, which is an average pace of 10:33. View my GPS data.