Weekly Training Summary (83 miles)

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8 outings for 12 hours and 54 minutes for 82.86 miles.

Mon – Park to Park 10 Miler / 1M w/u / 5M c/d

Tue – Slow 11M

Wed – Mount Sanitas x 2

Thu – Slow 20M

Fri – Free 8M

Sun – Slow 11M / Mount Sanitas

Had a great run at the Park to Park on Monday. Felt good to get a hard race in to refresh my body on what racing feels like. Hurt at first in that race but got real comfortable and fast towards the end. Gave me lots of enthusiasm about what is to come.

Decided not to rest given it was a short race so came back Tuesday with a good run. Felt great on it. Went to Sanitas as usual on Wednesday and PR’d. On a roll.

Then I died on my long run Thursday. The race had me worn down. Always takes a few days to catch up I guess.

Was going to take a rest day on Friday but the weather for Saturday looked crappy so I had to go.

Saturday I got out before the rain and just ran free. No HR. No pace. But realized I was running hard. Felt good.

Sunday was going to be a rest day until I realized I was short on weekly mileage so I got that done and then did Sanitas with JV to get yet another PR there for the week.

Boulder Half Marathon is this Sunday. This is like the semi-final game before the big game at the Denver Marathon. I have time goals for Boulder but they aren’t really that solid. 1:32 to 1:34. Who cares? Probably the only thing worth noting would be breaking 1:30 and I don’t think I want to write that check with my body right now. We will just see how the race unfolds. This is my longest consecutive race series. Boulder was my first running race ever in 2005. Done it every year since. It is like my annual fitness test. Faster every year!

Otherwise, I will taper this week. Debating whether I should skip my long run for this week. Experts, what say you? Would have to move it up in the week. Probably back to Sanitas on Wednesday as usual with Thursday and Friday off and a short run on Saturday. Race on Sunday — hoping for a nice warm morning.