Wyatt: OK

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Since Wyatt got out of the hospital, we had him back for another x-ray. The mass was still in his belly region. What is it? The only way to tell was to get him in for an ultrasound. We spaced this stuff apart because I felt like it was some remainder of his trauma…and not cancer. Kim took Wyatt in this AM for his ultrasound. They said they got a perfectly clear look at his insides. No mass. No tumor. Clean bill of health.

The only oddity was that he had a lot of “bright” fatty tissue around his intestines. This means that his intestines are likely leaking a bit. Likely a case of irritable bowel syndrome. Just like our cat! So a diet change is in store for this guy and hopefully he will be on his way. We also had a final blood test taken but we won’t have those results for a day. That should also clear him of any kidney function issues.

Maybe this will all be behind us. My Mom still tells me that she thought he was as good as dead that day. Guess not!