Run: Slow 20M / Golden Ponds

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After crushing Hills x 14 yesterday, I thought I need to go back to back on hard days. So since I opted out of the long run last weekend given family in town, I decided this morning was perfect for putting it down. My usual route for 20M is out to Golden Ponds which is on the total opposite side of Longmont from where I live. I have so many bad memories of this route from the early days of marathon training where I would bonk with 7 miles to go and find myself walking back home. Those days are gone.

I ran the course in reverse, which is harder because more uphill that direction. Was maintaining my slow HR effectively even on the hills. I have a whole new gear and appreciation for them. It totally feels like a downshift occurs then I just keep motoring up the hills. Even had some casual bikers on the first hill today and I passed them up on the ascent. Loved it.

Around mile 6, I had to make a pit stop for a #2, another gel, and a developing blister. I wore my Injini socks today because I don’t want to repeat the blisters on my toes from 100 week. However, this one was on the inside of the arch of my left foot. What the hell. Well, these socks are slightly thicker than my normal WrightSock. And these new Nikes have a strip on the outside of the shoe that connects the sole to the laces. Just a bullshit design and that thing is causing me a rub. Want to cut it off with a knife! So I stuffed a bunch of toilet paper around it and continued on. Seriously thinking my legs are now strong enough to go in Lunas all the time and get out of this stability shoe stuff.

Got around Golden Ponds and the watch hit 10M. Half way. Felt great. Remembered feeling tired over here before. Not today. Climbed up Hover after leaving the Ponds and the blister was hurting. If this was an ultra, I would have stopped to nurse but I decided to just run on it and bear the pain. Need to get used to running with blisters developing to build tolerance.

At about 5 to go, I didn’t bonk. Gel consumption was right on today. But I got a cramp below my waist line. Kidneys? I didn’t take salt. Wasn’t that hot. But felt like a salt issue. Need to keep bringing caps on these runs. Lesson learned.

HR started creeping up on the last 3 miles as I tried to focus on holding pace and not worry about HR. For the last 1/2 mile, I was able to drop pace by a minute a mile easy. I had been babying myself because of the issues described above.

Splits weren’t terrible. Mostly because they were consistent but would like to try and focus on doing a negative split run one of these days but its not on the HR-based plan. Starting to think a lot about my paces for the last 2 races of the season. Starting to wonder if I should race in another week to see how things are coming along as a data check. Park-to-Park 10 miler?

I went 20.08 miles in 02:53:34, which is an average pace of 08:38. View my GPS data.