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My parents left today. They were a great help in our first week of baby #3. We feel like we have it under control. Until tomorrow.

School starts tomorrow! I went to school for many years. I was excited when I was done because I would not have to get up for school anymore. Little did I realize that later in life I would have to get kids up for school. This is the only thing worse than being the kid going to school. Having to convince these youngsters to get up when you know everyone should just go back to sleep. Oh well. I will survive.

I am all happy and jealous at all the racing coverage from last weekend from the PPA/M and LT100. Makes me want to be out there. However, I am putting in my training each day behind the scenes. I will be ready to race next month. Feel like I am ready for a whole new level. PRs are just around the corner.

Wyatt was doing better until today. He had a midday crash — like he bonked in a race. Was kind of scary. I got an IV going for him and fed him his pain killers. Got some food in him shortly after and now he seems to be resting comfortably. I hope he gets over this sickness soon.

We are taking our eldest cat to the vet specialist tomorrow because he is leaking — out of something you wouldn’t want to leak. Another vet bill on the horizon. Animals are tough lately.

Trying to get my brain back into work after a week off. Saw an article about a guy that quit his job and runs full time. That sounded awesome — for about 5 minutes — till the bills show up.

Our baby, Kayla, is awesome. Sleeping 3 hours at a time. No complaints from me — or Kim. Kim is very pleased and is recovering well. Should have them both on the trail any day now!