Back Where He Belongs

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As I try and return to work today, my co-worker is here with me. I picked Wyatt up at 7:30 this morning upon discharge from intensive care. He started eating late last night. That was the final gate to cross. He is on a full set of meds — reminding me of Dakota. In fact, I was supposed to go and get some stuff for him but we had it all at home from Dakota still leftover. I also have a bunch of LSR (IV fluids) left over and the vet approved me giving that to Wyatt for the next few days. So back to laying on the floor and giving the dog an IV each night. Never imagined that a few weeks ago when I was doing it for Dakota.

All in all, Wyatt will have another check-up later in the week to see what that mass in his belly was. It might go away they think. Not sure. They told me he was one of the sickest dogs that had seen in a long time from a “dietary indiscretion”. Still no word on what it was. All I know is I wasn’t ready to lose another dog in a 2 week time span. My Mom is here visiting and she thought he wasn’t coming home. So $1800 well spent.