August Training Summary

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Some background. Last August, 130 miles — post Leadville 50 and I took a break. Last July, highest month ever 234. So roll forward to this month… 310.12 miles in 29 outings in a time of 45:55:06 with an elevation gain of 29,849 feet at an average heart rate of 141. 138% improvement. What the hell was that? The month … Read More

Hacking My Car Again

Hummer5 Comments

For some dumb safety reason, Pioneer will not let you enter addresses into the GPS while the car is in motion — further more, the only way it allows you to prove you are not in motion is to have the parking brake over. So the scenario is while Kim and I are in the car, I have to pull … Read More

Two Wheels

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I was able to get Sydney riding her bike without training wheels this week! Proudest moment of the week by far. More here.

Run: Slow 20M / Golden Ponds (20.02 mi)

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Same run as last Thursday but did the route in reverse today. Felt a lot stronger and smoother. Beat my time by 6 minutes and my HR was 5 bpm lower on average! 40 oz of water, 2 salt caps, 3 GUs for fuel. Temps were hot but I was good with it. Wore new Lunas to break them in … Read More