Wash It Out

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Colon clean out 1 of 3 done this morning. At times I had the exact same sensation as when I feel sick on a run. Tells me I am targeting the right thing for now. Sign on the wall said, "Sickness and health start in the colon. ". I am rarely sick but my colon is super sluggish. That is … Read More

And The Journey Continues

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I remember not being able to walk right for days after a marathon. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Better shape or just not pushing it as hard? Still hitting my massage today though! Still catching up on video, race reports, tweets, and other odds and ends from the race. I have been contacted by a variety of people who … Read More

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 5:55:36 Pace 13:38 Rank 108 of 267 Max Elevation 13,188 feet Elevation Gain 6,693 feet GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously, I explained the allure of this race and the town. So we got to Leadville and had a good pre-race day. Woke up after a restless sleep and was ready to race. Put down just a … Read More