Its The Final Countdown

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Today, we hit 30 days left in the incubation of baby #3. Might be earlier or might be later but that is the schedule. Seems like it is just around the corner. However, the “fetus host” claims that she isn’t excited about that many more days of being uncomfortable. At this point, if I walk right up to her face … Read More

Run: 6 x 800m Fast (6.59 mi)

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I should have qualified my statement from Sunday — not posting individual runs unless I have something to say! Legs were a little stiff this AM after Green yesterday. Weather is nice and cool today. Intervals on the plan today. So I set out with no headphones so I could dial into my watch completely. Did the 1 mile warm-up. … Read More

Green Mountain Hiker

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Distance 3.59 miles Time 02:34:57 Max Elevation 8,179 feet Elevation Gain 1,517 feet GPS Analysis Garmin Connect I woke up this morning kind of out of it. Had an early dentist appointment. Felt like the weekend slipped away with no mountain time. Weather was good. Reagan is in camp all week. That left me thinking — wonder what I can … Read More

Weekly Training Summary

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I decided the daily running updates were too boring for my blog for now. Plus, Garmin Connect is bugging me. So I killed the daily update in favor of the weekly format once again. Just mixing things up. If you like it or hate it, let me know. So it was the week post-Leadville. I got out every day for … Read More

Busted Lip

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Don’t taunt Reagan. I was in the pool after my long run cooling down. Reagan comes in. I was chasing her and she didn’t like it. So I stopped. I was underwater cooling down. I came up and BAM! I got hit in the face with a decent size water gun full of water thrown by a 4 year old. … Read More