July Training Summary

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189.68 miles in 26 outings in a time of 33:56:12 with an elevation gain of 32,353 feet at an average heart rate of 141.

Miles – 44 less than this month last year. I knew that was going to happen. Last year this month, I ran 50 in 12 hours at Leadville. But over last month, a 13% increase. Decent but I would like to hold over 200.

Outings – 5 days off. A couple of hikes on those days plus a day off on each side of the Leadville Marathon. Really thought about doubling up some days but not sure I have enough running shorts to support the behavior. Shopping trip!

Time – About an hour less of running than last month yet 13% more miles. That seems like a good thing. And I thought I really slowed up with the HR training. A little less elevation so that probably accounts for it.

Elevation – Holding good amounts through the summer as I should!

HR – Not sure on this one. This was the first full month of HR data. Starting to really understand where I am but not sure what to do with it yet. I definitely run slower more now to try and keep the HR down. This has really helped in regards to my desire to take breaks. I had gotten into a habit of running too hard too often. And needing to take quick walk breaks to gather myself. Now those do not happen. I don’t feel the need or the desire. The breaks were bothering me so I am glad I have rectified that — except on intervals days where they still kill me.

Weight – Dropping a lot this month. Not sure why but it typically does in the late summer. Down to 151 now post-run this AM. Need to get to 145 by Denver. Should be that or less.

Diet – Still off the caffeine and diet drinks — mostly. Had a Diet Pepsi post-Leadville and then one after the Decalibron. All water when out to eat otherwise. At home, it is all Gatorade, VitaminWater, and Mexican Orange Drink. Trying to stay off the HFCS but Gatorade has it. I try and limit that as much as possible. Plus, a lot of water. We have had a water dispenser for years now and it was the key in getting our family to drink water more often. If you don’t have one, you should.

New Toy – Well, last month it was the addition of the Buff. This month:

Blood Pressure Monitor

Sits on my nightstand and I use it every morning…starting tomorrow. Going to try and plot my AM pulse to see how it correlates with my workout intensity. Just more data here but I feel like it will help me understand how much I have in the tank each day.

So that’s it for July. Felt pretty good about it overall. Could have done a few more things but struck a good balance. No aches or pains to speak of. My gut is hanging in there too. August is a no-race month with the baby due in just a few weeks. However, I hope to have some time off work to spend with the family — and sneak a few extra long runs in too! Starting to think about paces for Boulder and Denver. What is achievable. Go for it all or do something sensible. TBD.