Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.64 mi)

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Today, the plan said Brisk 5M. The key was holding HR in the 150s. Boring. I had to go to Apple in Boulder so I figured I would run there. Weather wasn’t beautiful. So I decided to go back to Sanitas for a TT! That should keep the heart rate up nicely. Arrived at the wet trailhead.

Sanitas Trailhead

I did a 3/4 mile warm-up along Mapleton. Probably should have done more but this was better than doing it cold, like I usually do. Got some good tunes going and took off. That first set of stairs always puts me on my ass. I worked them consistently so I could pick up the run harder after completing them. HR came up to 160 and I tried to hold right around there. When it dropped, I ran faster. Wet and muddy to the top. Virtually no people out there today. Got to the pole and tagged my watch: 23:59! Exactly a 59 second improvement over the last TT. I will take it.

Sat for a minute and then proceeded back down in 21:05. Slow. It was wet on all the top rocks and I was slipping so I slowed it up. But once I hit the clean downhill, I held 6:3X for nearly all of it. Need to take a split at the start of the downhill by the sign so I can break that pace out vs. the pace through the rocks at the top.

Got back to the shed and took a bathroom break. While sitting there, I realized my nipples were getting toasted from the wet shirt. I don’t run in a shirt that often in the summer. Following the lead of AK. So a wet shirt rubbing wasn’t helping. I ditched the shirt. Cold and rainy but who cares? Decided to take a page from JV and go again. Sanitas x 2.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Mount Sanitas x 2

So headed back up again. Wasn’t sure what to expect on the 2nd time around. I was jacked and ready to run but I hit the steps and my legs went — AGAIN?? Luckily, my heart was warmed up to the suffering so it performed much more steadily. HR dropped a few beats and I ran more of the trail than ever before. But didn’t do so hot on the big steps and could tell I lost time there. As I proceeded up, the rains returned and it started pouring. There is something surreal about running up a mountain in the rain nearly naked. Got to the top and tagged my watch: 24:44. Would have been a PR as well except for the time on lap #1. I was pretty stoked at that performance. Decent hold of the time on a second lap. Showed me that the warm-up is key for this TT and I need to do more of it.

I promptly descended in the rain and once again put down a solid effort on the return. Hitting the shed at 20:52. Faster than lap 1. Not a PR. Slick rocks again to blame.

Got back to the car soaking wet. Shoes full of water. And some cold temps as you can see below. But I was ready to go again — but I had to keep my appointment. So I called it a day.

Cold Summer Day

I won’t wait so long to return, Sanitas. I got more time to take off of you.

Wildly different elevation profiles for 2 laps on the same trail. Weird.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Mount Sanitas x 2

I went 6.64 miles with an elevation gain of 3,823 feet in 01:38:26, which is an average pace of 14:49. View my GPS data.