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Sitting at McDonalds while kids play. Note to self: don’t let kids pick dinner spot during Happy Meal Beanie Baby promotion. Didn’t know what to order. Tried new Angus burger. Wasn’t disgusting but not ordering seconds. Now and then I have to eat crap to remind myself not to eat crap.

Heard that my second cousin died over the weekend at only 27. Bummer.

Was thinking of buying Syd a Razor ATV so she could follow me on trail runs. Meanwhile, my ATVs are rotting. Haven’t been out since February. Guess I prefer to run. Could not have predicted that one in 2002 when I bought them. Keep thinking about selling but not sure that I would get what they are worth to me vs. the market.

Cisco stock has been on the rise. Recovery in full swing? Hope so. Daddy needs a Pb cabin for 2010.

Looks like less than stellar conditions last weekend at Silver Rush. Some of my blog readers performed well. Congrats to you all.

Going to rub Sanitas on Thursday AM for a TT. Wonder what I can knock off. Probably will try and warm up first instead of hitting it cold. Should help.

2 sets of friends are in Alaska right now. Why haven’t we gone there yet?

My ISP went to crap this month. I about gave up on them. They sent out 2 techs yesterday. Ended up with a few config changes and a new power supply. But the big fault was my little old sturdy Netgear switch first in line from the ISP. With it in place, I wad down to 0.2mbps. With it out, 7.0mbps. There are litterally no buttons on this thing so we are baffled at why it’s doing this. Not a managed device so nothing to check. We swapped it for another Netgear switch and it is working fine. Lost on that one.

My dog will not eat at all now. Weight is falling off. She is starving herself now because the toxins are making her sick. Kidney failure sucks.

One of our cats keeps shitting on the basement on the carpet. So Kim designed an elaborate gate system so they can no longer go into that section of the basement. Once we put the baby gates back up in the following months, our house will be like a prison.

Enough rambling. Need to be sure the kids are still alive in the play structure.