Ready To Race

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Where are we?

I’ll tell you where. Where the air is thin. Where the water is clear. Where the mountains are high. Someplace cool. A place where the Gatorade flows like wine. Where runners instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called…Leadville.

Arrived around noon and hit my favorite Mexican spot in town for taper-safe tacos. Then we headed over to packet pickup at the LT100 store. Just as I got in line — guess who was in line in front of me? Anton! I swear I am not stalking him!

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

I said hi and introduced myself — as the blog reader and commenter. Not the crazy guy with the video camera at Greenland. Natalee whips out the camera so she can get a photo with the man…the legend. I talked with him for about 5 minutes. Asked about his time goals for tomorrow — shooting for the course record, he says. Oh, that. Sooo not in my league. Asked about his injuries, health, taper, etc. Of course, he ran this morning. Dropped a few names of fellow runner-bloggers (JM, GZ, JV, DM). Told him to hit us up when he moves to Boulder next month for some TTs up the hills. Can’t have JV and DM winning all of them! I appreciated him letting us annoy him in line. Anyway, got my bib!


Gave Natalee a ride up to the last aid station before the climb to Mosquito Pass to give her an idea of where we were going and to show the crew where they could catch the race from. Chances are that they will see us both twice there. I should see Natalee as I am coming up the pass and she is descending. Should be fun!

We took the kids out to Turquoise Lake afterward to take a dip. Minutes later they were in their swim suits taking a dip in the cold mountain lake. The water was beautiful and clear. Spent about an hour lounging before heading back into town.


Just finished up dinner at High Mountain Pies (I had a sandwich to be safe) and came back to catch up on the interwebs for the day. Race starts 8 AM local time. Flip Video camera is coming along for the race — and so are you then. Full race report likely on Sunday.

So that’s it for today. As they say up here — NO LIMITS!