June Training Summary

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168.62 miles in 23 outings in 34:45:31 with an elevation gain of 28,489

Miles – 20 less than this month last year. However, my training is different this season. Focusing on the marathon plan instead of a 50 mile race plan. So not as many big days every week. Probably could run more but I have been tentative ever since the injury and I just didn’t have a great month.

Outings – 2 races gave me the opportunity to talk myself into a few extra rest days. Oh well.

Time – Terrible because I had more vertical involved. Lots of uphill climbing at slow paces.

Elevation – Is that the biggest month I have ever done? Probably.

New best friend: the Buff around my wrist.

As mentioned a week ago, I stopped the Diet Mountain Dew intake and the caffeine cold turkey. It sucked for a few days. Now it is fine. But if you offered me one, I would really want to drink it. I have replaced it with water and Gatorade. About 64 oz. a day. Mostly because of the heat. After a run, I look down at my shorts and I have a ring of salt all around me. I tried the G2 Gatorade. Not bad…wait this is good…ummm…what’s in this? Oh, shit. NutraSweet. Bastards. So not going there.

Training for a Leadville Marathon seems to be more about moving your body for hours on end vs. trying to run non-stop for 26.2. I know there will be walking at Leadville. That climb up Mosquito Pass is tough. But my Boulder Peak work should help me fly up and down that bad boy with no problem. Not really worried about the distance or the finish or the time. I just want to have a strong day and feel like I left it all out there.

So the taper? What to do? Feels like I should cut back a bit this week. Might. Although, with the holiday weekend, I feel like one more big 4-5 hour run on the Boulder Peaks might be beneficial. I don’t have to kill the time but a few more pounds shed and some elevated heart rate has got to help. I only would dread taking a fall or something dumb. So thinking on Saturday morning I might go for 1, 2 or 3 peaks again to see how it feels. Anyone interested? Then taper harder next week with no running 2-3 days before.

BTW, WS100 got my juices flowing again about the LT100 in 2010. I need to think about that again one of these days. I am not getting any younger. I know I can run 50 there. I know I can find studly pacers. Question is…can I put down a 2nd 50 in 12-18 hours? Seems plausible. I really need to get my fuel nailed down cold. It is too “whatever works that day” right now. I need to go up there and run on the course one of these days to get some real timing. Let me know when any of you fellow runner dudes want to partake in that. If not, might use the training camp next year as a good test.

July and August are traditionally big mile months as I prepare for some big damn deal race in August. But as you probably know, I am not racing in August in preparation for the baby. I will still train. I will have days off work so I might even be training hard than ever — but the payoff will come when the fall marathons come around. I can’t believe I am talking about fall. Feels like summer just got started.