Peak Week – Day 3: Flagstaff Mountain

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Another great day in the hills! Wanted one last time up Flagstaff Road before the race but didn’t want to push it. Held an encouraging pace up to Inspiration Point. Then veered off and went to the Flagstaff Summit Area. Never had been there. Hit it at about 39 minutes. Jogged around and checked out some of the high trails. Nice rolling meadow trails up there. Liked it. Came back down via the Flagstaff Trail because I didn’t want to shred my legs doing the fast downhill on the road. Got mixed up and went on the Crown Rock trail at one point and finally intersected with Gregory to complete the loop back at the truck. Overall, it was an easier day but I felt some added boost on the hills. Hopefully, this strategy is going to pay off. Going to run again tomorrow then rest on Friday. Taper? Hopefully, that one day is just enough.

I went 6.32 miles with an elevation gain of 2458 feet in 79 minutes. View my full GPS data.