Little Miss Kidney Disease

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Well, mid-week we were not seeing much improvement. So we got Dakota started on some more anti-nausea meds from the pharmacy. We also had to go and purchase more fluids for her so we could continue the nightly treatment. Her eating was spotty.

Yesterday, we saw a sign of life! She barked at people walking outside behind our house. This is a normal ritual but she hasn’t cared in a month. We were so excited! I left for a run last night so I wasn’t around for dinner. But apparently, she came and begged to eat and scarfed down the entire bowl of food. I got a call after my run from Kim telling me the news! So I stopped and picked up some ice cream for everyone — including Dakota. She ate that too!

Today, Dakota had a vet appointment with our normal vet. She had her blood pressure checked — they had to borrow the machine from another clinic. As well as having blood drawn for more lab tests. Doing another round of kidney checks as well as a thyroid check because some research found that this could be a cause of the whole deal. There are 2 types of BP machines for dogs. This was the Doppler kind which is old and weirder in my opinion. Dakota did not like it and was freaking out because this pad was up in her paw the whole time. So her BP was like 170. They only measure systolic with this machine as well. So the good news was that is wasn’t back in the 200s. The bad news was that we didn’t have proof that is was back to normal. So with all the blood and tests, just another $200 day at the vet for this week.

All in all, things seem better but just enough to get our hopes up. She isn’t back to herself and might not ever be.