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I took Sydney and Reagan out for dinner last night by myself while Kim rested. We went to Red Robin. When we sat down, I swear they both said they wanted Mac-n-Cheese. The usual protocol is to circle what you want. However, the kids disappeared into the restroom for about 10 minutes so I just went ahead and ordered. The girls being in the bathroom for 10+ minutes is not unusual. So the food comes and Sydney says she isn’t eating that. I paid for it! Eat some. Will give the rest as leftovers to Reagan, the Mac-n-Cheese vacuum. So she does.

After leaving, we had to run over to The Home Depot to get a filter. I wanted to just run in quick but Sydney said she now had a “tummy ache” so she needed to go the bathroom. Didn’t we just leave a restaurant where it would have been quick? It is all the way in the back in The Home Depot. Oh well. So we go to the bathroom. Again, I wait 10 minutes outside. She came out but didn’t seem like she had done much other than sitting there. So we walked to the filter aisle. On the way, she bends over and does a small puke right there in the aisle. Geez! Ok…we go running back to the bathroom again. Dads (at least me) aren’t as calm as Moms probably are.

So I wait outside the bathroom for minutes. Reagan went in as well for the duration. I heard crying after a bit so I peeked inside. A woman was washing her hands. Sorry about that! She said to come in. I went in and found Reagan having a severe wiping malfunction. Not normal but not unusual I suppose for 4. Fixed that. Where is Sydney? I go back to the back handicapped stall and she is sitting there on the big throne with a major (not small this time) pile of puke next to the toilet. What the hell? She threw up while sitting on the toilet. I spent most of the next few minutes ranting about how she should get off the toilet and puke in it. This was lost on her given her current state — and probably because she is 6.

We cleaned up what we could and geared up for the trek out. Grabbed some paper towels just in case. We walked through the store briskly. I rubbed her back on the way and felt bad about jumping on her. Got to the self-checkout. I had one filter. Scanned it. Threw it in the bag. Scanned my credit — BLAAAAAAAAH — card. She just puked again right in the self-checkout. Damn it all. I signed the reader and then took the paper towels and covered the mess as I could. An employee saw it and walked over and gave her one of those big 5 gallon orange buckets. “You puke it this, sweetheart”, he said. Could have used that 10 minutes ago!

We exited and got in the car. I instructed her to puke in the bucket only and not in my truck or bad things are going to happen. Luckily, no action.

We got home and she went inside carrying her bucket. Reagan got in the door and proclaimed to Mom that “we got some really bad news”. I made Syd carry the orange bucket through her nightly routine of shower, brushing, etc. She slept with it by her bed.

She just left for zoo camp and suddenly wasn’t feeling good again. I made her take her bucket. Not sure if she was going to go to camp or not. Reagan was screaming because we were all making her late for camp. So we will see if she went. Hope she doesn’t scare the animals dragging that bucket around.