June Training Summary

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168.62 miles in 23 outings in 34:45:31 with an elevation gain of 28,489 Miles – 20 less than this month last year. However, my training is different this season. Focusing on the marathon plan instead of a 50 mile race plan. So not as many big days every week. Probably could run more but I have been tentative ever since … Read More

Boulder Skyline Traverse

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Distance 13.71 miles Time 4:13:23 Elevation Gain 6,650 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased After last week’s peak assault, I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten out all week. My running sucked all week. I needed something to break it up. With the Leadville Trail Marathon only 2 weeks away, I needed to get my heart pumping for about 4 hours consistently. … Read More

Kinda Like Camping

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This is usually our Camp Dick camping weekend. We gave it up this year. Kim couldn’t sleep on the ground she figured so we opted out. I could have taken the kids but I figured everyone wanted them both returned alive so we decided against it. So we had a backyard party last night. For Father’s Day, I got a … Read More

Back for a Check-up

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We took Dakota back to the specialist for a check-up. Her blood pressure was still under control but all her kidney levels measured from her blood were worse. Like 25%. It was a surprise although she has been sluggish a little more this week than prior. She was at the doggy day care during my race last weekend so it … Read More

That’s Hot

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I thought my wife would be all excited. I get crazy excited when I get a new geek toy. However, these don’t seem to be giving her the same buzz I get. New washer and dryer are installed and are operational. The coolest thing they do? The washer talks to the dryer and tells it what settings to use based … Read More