Run: Hills x 12 @ Sandstone (6.86 mi)

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It was a 90 degree day and the plan said Hills x 12. I haven’t done hill repeats all year. Wasn’t looking forward to it. Not sure why. Something about repeating 12 of anything gets boring. So I decided to take my video camera and see what I could make of it. Figured it was one way to keep myself … Read More

Move Over, Lance

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I used to think Lance was the baddest thing on a bike. No more. This dude from the circus we just went to! So he did several bike tricks — including one where the front wheel came off while he was riding. So he just popped a wheelie and kept right on riding. Then he came back around. Picked up … Read More

Run: Long Run (19.09 mi)

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It is that time of year. The long run starts taking up Sunday mornings. I didn’t wake up early to go. Paid the price on the last hour of the run when the heat was coming up in full force. Not conditioned for heat year. Plan had me at 8:10 – 8:30 but I kept it sub 8:10 the whole … Read More

Coach Daddy

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I had the weekend off from racing! Just got to watch! The annual Colorado Kids races were today and both of my girls competed and finished! This year, we put Sydney in the 1/2 mile and Reagan made her debut in the 1/4 mile. Sydney’s Race Report Reagan’s Race Report I may not have any boys, but who cares. I … Read More

Run: Flagstaff Road (9.11 mi)

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I have been bugging GZ to meet up with me to run since last year. We just never got it done. Plus, GZ was injured for a while and he was sticking to the mill. He did offer to allow me to line my mill up in his garage next to his for a run but I figured I would … Read More