May Training Summary

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Wasn’t so stoked to write this entry. May wasn’t the greatest month. I put in more miles than April but less than last May. I wasn’t following a training plan this time last year. I was just steadily building miles so I could feel like I had them under my belt for the big 50 miler. That isn’t a concern this year so still trying to focus on quality workouts and not just raw miles.

154.95 miles in 21 outings in 24:25:51.

Last May was 164. That gives me 10 days off. Probably 5 of those deserved as rest days. The others were from the injury. In the end, I started thinking that my body just got tired and wanted me to give it a rest. I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard but maybe it was just enough. So I was in the ballpark.

I have also been grinding on the 2-fer idea (2 runs a day). I feel like I could do that a lot of days but not sure if it will pay dividends. Sort of feel like getting the big run in the AM and then just doing 3-4 after work. Might try it a few times and see what happens.

So June starts tomorrow and the big goal event is Mt. Evans on the 20th. There is also the Sunrise Stampede 10k in Longmont next weekend. I was all in for running it but I don’t want to unnecessarily drain myself to defocus from Evans. But I think it would be a good test and a sure PR. Might be a game time decision.