Fading With Every Day

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Injury, Day 5.

5? Shit. That sucks. Yep. What happened?

Last Wednesday, something was stiff. Last Thursday, I bonked. Made no mention of anything but my calf. Calf was bitten on Tuesday and the muscle hurt and it itched. Creamed it and let it fade away. Friday was a day off per the plan. Took it. Saturday I was supposed to run a slow 5 but I opted not too. Felt like the leg wasn’t right. No longer was it the calf. It was the connector between my quad and hip. What’s that all about?

So, I tried to see what I could do on the long run for Sunday. Bailed on it early and walked home.

Given the acute nature of this, I took Memorial Day off. I got in for an emergency(?) massage at 5PM. Henry confirmed hotness in the area. Did a lot of range of motion stuff. When he would dig his fingers in my hip and touch those quad connector, it hurt. That’s the spot. Not the quad itself. It feels fine. Kinda like the trampoline surface (quad) is fine but I got a few broken springs (connectors) around the outside. So any motion that kicks the quad into action hurts. Once the muscle fires it is OK.

Heading to chiropractor tomorrow. At first, I thought it was a nerve issue in the hip area. Now I know it isn’t. But still going in for my monthly (a weekly early) to be sure the hips are squared.

So I am sitting here working with my pants off and an ice bag on my hip.

RICE checklist:

Rest: Check. Did I mention day 5!

Ice: Late to the party but on it now.

Compression: Not applicable.

Elevation: I can’t run uphill right now! Oh, the other kind. Sorry. Staying horizontal as much as possible.

Ibuprofen is being consumed.

Massage won’t help historically for me on these types of connector issues.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. If I can’t run, I am going to have to do something because my fitness is going down the drain. Probably going to swim. Work the lungs with no leg impact.

BB10K race reports left me wanting to get back at it.

I have crap to do and no time for this.