Airport Extreme Flashing Amber

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My Aiport Extreme is not doing what it is supposed to. Worked fine the other day. Not today. Nothing changed that I know of.

Here is the issue. I plug my Airport Extreme into the link from my ISP and all is well. Green light is on. Internet works just fine.

Now, instead, if I plug the Airport Extreme into a switch it doesn’t work. The Airport Extreme flashes its light amber. When you go into the Airport Utility, it says the “Ethernet Disconnected”. The switch socket does not light up.

Stuff I have tried:

+ Several different cables. Same results. Cables must be good.

+ Two different switches. Linksys and Netgear. Both exhibit the same behavior. The socket does not light up. There is no config on these switches so they can’t go wrong. These switches work find when I use them in other applications.

+ Downgraded the Airport Extreme firmware to 7.3.2. It was on 7.4.1. Same result.

+ Did a factory settings reset on the Airport Extreme. Same result with the factory settings.

+ Messed with “Ethernet WAN Port” setting in the Airport Utility. Tried every combination of 10Mbps and 100Mbps. Left it on automatic otherwise.

+ Unplugged everything on the LAN side of the Airport Extreme to see if there was some conflict there. Same results.

All this stuff worked fine a few days ago but now doesn’t. I am down to a hardware blow-up on the Airport at this point. Need to check my AppleCare.