Dividend Well Spent

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My REI dividend came and it was eating a whole in my pocket. Over $300 this year. I think that is a record for me. Mostly used for running stuff. What else? Got me 2 Joby Pods…1 for SLR and one for the Mino. Another pair or TNF Rucky Chuckys. I love these shoes on the trail. Might be my Leadville race shoes this year. A dozen pairs of Wright socks to replenish the aging collection. And lots of buffs — I got some for the kids, Kim and myself. Seemingly a great tool for hot runs.


Taking the day off today per the plan. And I need it. I could probably shuffle around the neighborhood but my right leg is all messed up. The calf is still swollen and red from the inspect bite. Kim says it probably laid eggs inside of me and I am going to die or something. She really has to stop watching so much CSI. Mostly because I think she has learned 100 ways she could kill me and nobody would know. So I try and focus on keeping her happy so she won’t. Anyway. Then my quad is fried. My brain tells me that the insect venom has traveled around to the front of my leg and up into my quad. Death awaits me.

I am punting on the Bolder Boulder for Monday. Just doesn’t appeal to me and isn’t in the plan right now. I have a 20+ long run for Sunday (or Monday) in store that should keep me busy. Plus, the Sunrise Stampede 10k is in Longmont on June 6th. Such a nice local race. Smaller crowd. Hometown. Park right at the start/finish. Probably will make that happen and go for a new 10k PR.