Run: Green Mountain (5.26 mi)

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Training plan had fartleks today. I hate them. Too unstructured. Need something else.

I had been feeling fast lately so I hooked up with JV so I could be put in my place. We met up near the Gregory Canyon trailhead for a run up Green Mountain. I feel like I know this mountain so well yet I hadn’t ever run from the base to the summit until today. A new Cinco de Mayo tradition?

My calves were burning just minutes into the run. I can’t figure out what has them flared up but uphill running wasn’t good for them I suppose. Oh well. Jeff mentioned he was looking for an easy day — so I was sure to give him that. Probably more than he expected. I was Mr. Power Hiker today. Not too much running on the way up. But it was so nice out today, that it was just great to be outside and up a bit. Hopefully, Jeff got something out of it.

I wanted to see how running with my Mino in my RaceReady shorts went. Worked well. Thinking about taking it to the race this weekend. Might give me a slight diversion. Anyway, here is a crappy video with no directing. Didn’t have much to say. Forgot Green isn’t the most scenic of the Boulder peaks.

I went 5.26 miles with an elevation gain of 2828 feet in 86 minutes, which is a moving pace of 16:30. View my full GPS data.