May Training Summary

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Wasn’t so stoked to write this entry. May wasn’t the greatest month. I put in more miles than April but less than last May. I wasn’t following a training plan this time last year. I was just steadily building miles so I could feel like I had them under my belt for the big 50 miler. That isn’t a concern … Read More

The Big Chill

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I still am not sure how this came together but somehow we talked ourselves into installing a pool in our yard. Not an in-ground pool. Too much money. Ground heaves too much around here. Season is too short. Too much maintenance. No — what caught my eye was the above ground pool that I have seen and the fact that … Read More

Fading With Every Day

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Injury, Day 5. 5? Shit. That sucks. Yep. What happened? Last Wednesday, something was stiff. Last Thursday, I bonked. Made no mention of anything but my calf. Calf was bitten on Tuesday and the muscle hurt and it itched. Creamed it and let it fade away. Friday was a day off per the plan. Took it. Saturday I was supposed … Read More

Airport Extreme Flashing Amber

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My Aiport Extreme is not doing what it is supposed to. Worked fine the other day. Not today. Nothing changed that I know of. Here is the issue. I plug my Airport Extreme into the link from my ISP and all is well. Green light is on. Internet works just fine. Now, instead, if I plug the Airport Extreme into … Read More

Dividend Well Spent

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My REI dividend came and it was eating a whole in my pocket. Over $300 this year. I think that is a record for me. Mostly used for running stuff. What else? Got me 2 Joby Pods…1 for SLR and one for the Mino. Another pair or TNF Rucky Chuckys. I love these shoes on the trail. Might be my … Read More