Ultrasound Says We Are Having A…Kidney?

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Oh, sorry. Kim’s ultrasound is tomorrow. Watch for tweets! Today was Dakota’s kidney ultrasound. The short of it was that her kidneys look good. No signs of the bad stuff like disease. Vet talked to specialists at CU and they believe it is some type of bacteria infection. Tomorrow, Dakota goes back in for another blood draw and a “sterile … Read More

Service 4WD

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Got “Service 4WD” message on my H2 display several times now. I just had it in 2 weeks ago for service so “now what?”. Ran it by this morning and the diagnostic code came up as C0306. Service guy looked that up and it said “there is an intermittent open in the t-case actuator motor”. So they replaced the actuator … Read More

Run: With Training Partner (0.67 mi)

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So I am working and Syd comes in and says “When are you running today?”. Shortly. “I want to go today. I am ready.” She is all decked out in her racing outfit with a new addition of a matching pig hat. Ok! On the other side of the block, she asked me which way was the longest. I showed … Read More

Spring Break, Colorado-Style

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Kim and I blew the Spring Break budget this year on the Costa Rica trip. Plus we are headed to Indiana this month for a week for our nephew’s wedding. Hence, Spring Break 2009 was to be played out close to home. However, we figured with all the warm spring weather we could do some cabin camping to get away … Read More


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Dakota had her vet visit and they tested her kidney function again. Apparently, her levels of “bad stuff” have doubled again. At this point, they say her kidneys are acting like those of a 14-year old dog, not an almost 8-year old one. So yesterday and today, we took her back to the vet in the early morning to have … Read More