April Training Summary

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This month I moved to the training plan officially. It calls for 6 days a week and less mileage overall than I did in March. The cutback was nice but it messed with me mentally as I never felt like I was running enough. We had a couple weather days and a vacation in there so that explains the misses. On the mileage, I skipped 2 long runs because I wasn’t ready for one and the other was on 5k race day.

Overall: 22 outings. 133 miles.

Last April was 18 at 132. So no big improvement in mileage as expected. But the big difference I assume was in speed. I have no great comparison but I see that it took me 2 less hours to run roughly the same distance as last year. So I generally take that to mean it was faster than before.

Yearly, I am at 562 miles. Last year was 479 at this point. 17% increase. Probably right in the range where it is healthy. Although I could run more miles, the trade off is quality vs. quantity. I did quantity in Jan – Mar I felt. I just concentrated on running a bunch everyday. Now the focus in on speed work and long runs. Quite different. My mind isn’t wrapped around it yet. I want to be like the big boys putting up big weekly numbers.

Was a shoe-in to set a 5k PR. That was the only race of the year so far. Really cutting back the schedule helps keep things fresh.

I have a nagging knot in my left calf and something with my outer right knee. Trying to massage and stretch more but they just seem to be lingering. Never getting worse though.

Have Greenland in about a week. Trying to play it safe so I can put in a solid effort there. Afterward, I think I need to move to lots of uphill days to prepare for Evans. I would like to run something like Flagstaff (possibly up only) once a week and hit the trails another day.

Probably my main issue in life is my weight. I was down to 145-ish at the Denver Marathon. That was low for me. Now, I am holding 160 and can’t burn it off even though I run 6 days a week. It mostly seems to be my quantities of food. I barely eat breakfast. I always have a solid lunch. I don’t snack during the day or at night. But I usually gorge myself at dinner. It is like my brain can’t tell my body no. It is hungry. Then my body holds on to the food because it needs energy for the next 12 hours including a run. I suppose if I thought it out and spread it out, I would improve but I bet it would take months to see the effects and have my body adapt. So for now, I guess I am putting my faith in a few long runs to burn the pounds back down. Once I drop 10, I assume my pace will fall where I think I should be.