Run: Flagstaff Road (8.14 mi)

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Not 24 hours after I wrote a post saying I didn’t climb enough in March, I get an email from Mr. Uphill, JV, asking to run up Flagstaff Road today. Yes, please. Average grade up the road is 10.3% with a max of 24%. That should do it. Tim also joined us to make it a group run. I use the word “group” loosely here. We started out as a group but I was soon staring at the gap that was developing. A couple more turns and they were out of sight. I knew that was going to happen.

I quickly forgot about those 2 and tried to keep a solid pace. I thought I did OK for the first 3 miles but starting loosing steam on the last one. My left calf wasn’t having fun and I figured I would see 2 dudes come screaming back down towards me any minute. It was really pretty up there today. Lots of snow fell in this area last night and I saw a pack of deer hanging out along the road. Then, here comes the runners! Apparently, JV held pace to the top. Damn.

Turned on my downhill and away we went. JV and Tim started gapping me again. Figured. About 1/2 down, JV was out of sight but suddenly I came upon Tim. He said he figured he might as well have company on the way down. So we paired up and caught a pretty good pace (for me at least) on the way down. Downhill running like that is weird. It is so effortless on the lungs (as opposed to the climb) but seems to be all strength. We were able to chat a bit on the way down about various race topics. It was good meeting Tim finally. Here was the pace chart.

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I went 8.14 miles with an elevation gain of 2190 feet in 78 minutes, which is a moving pace of 9:39. View my full GPS data.