April Training Summary

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This month I moved to the training plan officially. It calls for 6 days a week and less mileage overall than I did in March. The cutback was nice but it messed with me mentally as I never felt like I was running enough. We had a couple weather days and a vacation in there so that explains the misses. … Read More

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2009

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Distance 5 km (3.1 miles) Time 21:07 (PR) Pace 6:48 Rank 14 of 311 GPS Analysis Strava We had a nice warm week here and then woke up this morning to a misty 40 degrees. Sounds like race day! Last year, this same race day was windy as hell and snowed in the afternoon. I think it is a cursed … Read More


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Stopped in and visited with my only living grandparent, Mimi. It is great to see her every time. For a while, when we came to visit her, I had that lump in my throat while saying goodbye. Now, I leave with no worries. My kids enjoy spending time with her. But we only see her twice a year these days. … Read More

Let’s Talk About Chicks, Man

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Had the big ultrasound today and the doctor says he is 90% sure it is a girl. She was sitting Indian-style with the cord in her lap so it wasn’t clear. But we saw no boy parts. Therefore, I think I am doomed. Not this week. Not this summer. But when I have 3 teenage girls in my home years … Read More

Got The Pee

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We kept Dakota from going the bathroom this morning and got her to the vet. They drew blood and then took urine. Kim had me thinking they were going in through the pee pee (that’s how I have to talk because I am a daddy). However, they didn’t. They shoved a needle right into her belly and into the bladder. … Read More