Run: Sandstone Ranch (6.00 mi)

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Kim and Sydney had some things to do today so Reagan and I spent time together. This started with me cooking eggs for her. Then we took a jog to the park. Reagan ate Mac-n-Cheese in the jog stroller on the way over there. It was kind of cold out so I bundled her up and wore the bunny hate … Read More

Why You Should Use Brightkite Instead Of Twitter

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Somebody was asking so I figured I would share a few thoughts: 1. Replies – I freaking hate Twitter @replies. They get lost in the shuffle. There is no threading to them. When you get one and it says “@brandonfuller Of course!”, I don’t know which of my 4,000 updates you are talking about. Brightkite solves this by associating comments … Read More

Run: St. Vrain State Park (8.45 mi)

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My GPS was all wacky after 1 mile into the run. Looked down and it said I was doing a 2:13 pace and that my elevation was 42,000 feet. Never seen that one before. Had to do the reset mid-run. That sucked. Lost some distance on that. During that new route run the other day, I noticed a path along … Read More