March Training Summary

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Last month, I had some breaks and that kept me from running as much as I thought I should have. So I started this month on a mission. I figured I would run every day and do about the same amount each day while trying to maintain 50 miles a week.

So right after Costa Rica, I started running each day. 15 days in a row to be exact. I think that is a new record. I didn’t feel that big about it but I usually talk myself into a rest day and I didn’t this time. However on the 16th, I got busy and Kim mentioned taking a day off and that was all it took. I actually didn’t realize I broke my streak that day until later in the week when reviewing logs. I probably would have run that day knowing that. Oh well. It was a dumb goal anyway — I think.

Stayed solid after that until the blizzard hit. I probably should have just run those days but I decided that was a good excuse to heal and rest for 2 days. Then this past Sunday, I chose to work in the morning and missed my slot for the day.

Anyway, that totaled up to only 4 days off. 2 were weather. None were mandatory days off.

189.5 miles in 27 outings. 29 hours. Not bad.

Probably my big regret this month was no climbing. I don’t think I got to Boulder but one time. Just don’t have the flexibility in my job(s) right now. Oh well.

Last year 147 miles. 28% improvement. That is in the ballpark of what I have been getting month to month so far this year.

That got me curious what my high month ever was. July 2008 at 234.

First race of the season is in April so that is a little bit of excitement!

Otherwise, I need to do some speedwork just to see how things have progressed and I need to start doing long runs again. I feel like I put in a pretty solid 3 months of base building since the season started. That was my goal. Could have done more miles…sure! Did I want to? Not really. This was good. Weather was great for winter so I feel fortunate that I was able to get what I got done completed. I have a tendency to want to be like everybody that I read on blogs. Run 100 miles a week and race for the prize. But that isn’t where I am. I just started racing in 2005. I am progressing every month and every year. I continue to get faster by sizable chunks. I used to look at the BQ times and think “No fucking way”. Today, I was dazing off and looking at what it would take for me to qualify. I would have to run a 7:20-something marathon. I feel like that is a reality some day now given most days I just mess around at 7:30 and seem to hold it with little thought or motivation. 7:30 was my half-marathon race pace last year. Now it is just a day at the office — so to speak.

Hope everyone else is doing well in their goals/plans. Been following as many as I know about!