Run: Sandstone Ranch District Park (7.15 mi)

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Last day of the week. Only had to do 5.25 to hit the goal of 50 for the week. I decided to run over to the park. Haven’t been there this year yet. Used to go nearly every day. They had done some erosion control on the path so it is a lot smoother. I went to the back and got in position and did two of my usual uphill repeats. Got both of them done in 1:45. I think that is an easy 10 seconds faster than last year. But that was all I had in me. So I jogged back out and headed home. Decided to hit WCR 26 on the way back and got fired up and started sprinting home. Held a nice low 7’s pace the rest of the way.

On today’s run I had to decide if I was going to run Greenland. I just can’t nail down a spring race. I soooo don’t want to do a marathon right now. I haven’t put in the long runs. Plus, they have become such a mental challenge for me. I really want to PR them and progress towards BQ-ing but I like doing it in chunks. I don’t think I would have enough forward progress right now to warrant the expense. So that got me back to Greenland but I was considering Collegiate Peaks just last night. The course didn’t look too cool (east valley) and I don’t want to deal with logistics of getting up there at this point. So I decided to pass. Greenland it is. The struggle there was 25k or 50k. 50k nailed me last year. I wasn’t ready but that was a good learning experience. I haven’t been running real long this year so 50k isn’t in my zone right now. Plus, I talked myself into the fact that 25k would be a fun distance and I could try and push the pace and go for a bit of speed over endurance. Besides, it is a 2 loop course for 25k and 4 loops for 50k. Loops 3 and 4 were pretty boring last time. Given all that and the fact that I don’t want to take out a big recovery period on a 50k, 25k was the answer. So I registered just now. Prices increase tomorrow. Therefore, the theme for the year might continue — Redemption — returning to those that beat me up last year, in order to kick ass this year.

I went 7.15 miles with an elevation gain of 483 feet in 65 minutes, which is a moving pace of 9:05. View my full GPS data.