Run: Mount Sanitas (2.81 mi)

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I dropped Syd off and had to go down to The North Face to drop off my bag for warranty work. With 73 degrees on the thermometer, I just had to run down there today. I am starting to like Sanitas for its bite-sized mountain. Such a good hill workout. Doesn’t have the total mileage but it isn’t easy.

Did my usual GPS stuff but decided to start tracking the minutes JV-style to see how I am improving on this one:

  • 26 Up – New PR by 2 minutes
  • 20 Down – New PR by 8 minutes (No dogs or ice, easy win)

Room for improvement? Sure. On the up, I get comfortable in power hike mode and forget to switch back to running. Need to keep on the run as much as possible. On the down, the first 0.25 miles of rock traverse are a pain and I don’t want to wipe. I passed a dozen people so my pace is decent but I need more speed to improve. I flew down the fire road section seeing sub-6 on my pace a few times. It was like a controlled fall. I loved it!

I went 2.81 miles with an elevation gain of 1251 feet in 42 minutes, which is a moving pace of 15:11. View my full GPS data.