March Training Summary

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Last month, I had some breaks and that kept me from running as much as I thought I should have. So I started this month on a mission. I figured I would run every day and do about the same amount each day while trying to maintain 50 miles a week. So right after Costa Rica, I started running each … Read More

Blizzard ’09

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Only the 2nd time this year, I had to start this bad boy up! Dakota like to get out in this stuff and run. Guess that drift was deeper than she thought. Where did the mountains go? Decided to use this as an excuse not to run today. Could have easily in the afternoon but oh well. Bet it all … Read More

Disturbed @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2009

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Another Music as a Weapon tour. I think this is the 4th. 4 bands on the bill: Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage and Disturbed. I had only seen Disturbed before. 2 times. Once in this same venue and last summer in Indy. In Indy, they were with Slipknot, which I just saw weeks ago. Small world. I got there just … Read More

Javassist Messes With Custom Object Equals Implementation

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Posting another debugging nightmare so I can hopefully spare someone the pain that I endured today… So we have these POJOs with relatively straightforward looking overrides of the Object.equals() method. Here we go: class Whitelist { private String id; @Override public boolean equals(final Object obj) { if (this == obj) { return true; } if (obj == null) { return … Read More