Mino HD Video to iMovie to Apple TV

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The key thing is that the Apple TV only supports 1280 by 720 pixels at 24 fps. However, the Mino HD (and most cameras) capture at 30 fps. So you have downgrade the fps setting when you export the movie if you want it to sync & play on your Apple TV.

My 2009 Race Calendar

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One of the most fun yet painful things to do each year is to plan the race calendar for the next year. Its fun because you can pick anything you want. It is painful because you are signing up to get your ass kicked on a regular basis. I like to race each month through the year. I did that … Read More

January Training Summary

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I decided to forgo the weekly training summaries in January because I didn’t have much to say. Figured the daily updates were overkill anyway but I have been trying to add more qualitative feedback in them for myself. Anyway, after taking 1/2 November and all of December off, it was time to get back in action. I could tell I … Read More