Running What Used To Be Carnage Canyon

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Distance 4.31 miles
Time 1 hr 13 min
Elevation Gain 2,184 feet
GPS Analysis MotionBased

With really warm weather today, it was a good opportunity for Natalee and Kyle to go ATVing. Good opportunity for me too — those things get no love over the winter and rot, so it would be good to get them out. So we went over to Lefthand Canyon near home. This is my favorite ATV spot ever but it has been undergoing a lot of changes recently. Been following them online and in the paper but had not seen it for myself. Natalee and Kyle took off on the ATVs and me and my dogs headed up the trail to see if it was true.

Lefthand Canyon

Guess so. But you can hike it. Hmmm. We passed for now. So the dogs and I headed up after the ATVs to see if we could find them. Dakota likes to lead at the start but then ends up dragging at the end. Wyatt holds the slow pace but stays steady.

Lefthand Canyon

There is still some high quality nasty stuff out here though. Check out FR286C. Ooh. Death.

Lefthand Canyon

We got up to the junction and chatted with the rangers for a while. Suddenly, here comes the Hoosiers — towing one ATV. Uh, oh. The battery wasn’t charged and they couldn’t get it restarted. I did a quick pull start and they were off and on the road again. See you later!

Lefthand Canyon

The dogs and I headed up FR286D to see if we could meet them. Never saw them so we headed down the new singletrack route through Carnage Canyon. It was a nice little trail that seemed more primal. On this trail, the dogs followed me back about 100 feet. They were done.

Lefthand Canyon

I started thinking about mountains and my favorite forms of enjoying them in order:

  1. Running trails
  2. Hiking trails
  3. ATVing trails
  4. Skiing

It is sort of funny to me. When I moved here to Colorado in 2001, this list was EXACTLY reversed. It has completely flip-flopped. Notice that there is some correlation between the rank and amount of human power involved. I used to be all about 0 human power. Now it is the more human power, the better. Weird. Anyway, we beat the ATVs back down and took a nap on the trailer. The dogs were worn out.

Lefthand Canyon

Here is my route. I had Natalee wear my other watch but she must have hit the timer and stopped it. Thought it would have been cool to overlay the two so you can see what we did differently. Maybe next time.


Here is my slideshow:

Oh, and of course, I made a video for you. Tried to talk more to make it worth viewing. See what you think.