Baking at Breck

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Natalee and Kyle popped into town for a winter visit to hit the slopes. We decided to up to Breckenridge because none of us had ever been there before. I definitely have my favorite spots but I hate saying “Never been there” so it was a good opportunity to check it out. We got out of the house rather late but had no traffic and were on the lifts by 10:30 I think. The place was empty. The base weather was 40-50 degrees all day with no wind. Nearly too hot! I went light with gear. The only trick was the wind up high would freeze you so you had to choose high or low and dress accordingly.


I geeked out and wore my GPS because I figured it would be a cool map view. So it showed that I went 27.67 miles with an elevation gain of 13,425 feet in 154 minutes, which is a moving pace of 5:35. View my full GPS data.

I love the elevation graph. If only I was posting this after a running workout. That would be an awesome day! I think I forgot to turn it back on after lunch because it missed a few runs. Oh well.


Took a bunch of random photos during the day of the terrain and views. Kyle kept saying how this was beautiful country and I do agree. I felt like I had been taking it for granted lately but it was good to just sit and chill out up high before each run.

Ok, I clearly have some work to do before I become Warren Miller. My first go at a ski video. Kinda boring unless you have never skied at a real resort before. Natalee and I do some tougher stuff near the middle if you hang in there. Mostly was trying to capture the views in HD.

Have to say that Breck wasn’t my favorite resort. I never really look at the map and one time I ended up back out at the parking lot after taking a wrong turn. That sucked. Otherwise, it was OK but the snow wasn’t great. Pretty sure it isn’t that deep anywhere around here right now though.