Costa Rica – Day 7 – Departure

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Today was our final day in Quepos. We woke up and went to breakfast. The breakfast at the hotel every day is a complimentary buffet. Always a good mix of hot food and fresh fruits, plus cereals and an omelet station. Here is a bad picture (because it was my only one) of Kim scooping up. This was our usual … Read More

Costa Rica – Day 6 – Mangrove

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Today is our final day on the coast. We planned an excursion to the Damas area, north of Quepos, to take a boat tour through the mangroves. With my love for Man vs. Wild, it seemed appropriate to integrate the mangroves into the tour. You could either kayak or boat through it. We opted for the boat since it would … Read More

Costa Rica – Day 5 – Manuel Antonio

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After I published last night’s blog, we decided to escape the hotel and go out to the main road for dinner. They called a cab for us and a few minutes later we arrived at our dining destination, El Avion. This establishment is based around a C-123 airplane that was bought by US taxpayers as part of the Iran-Contra scandal. … Read More

Costa Rica – Day 4 – Rainmaker

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Today was our first guided excursion. We were headed to Rainmaker, an original Costa Rican canopy tour. Kim wanted to do the zip lines but can’t with the pregnancy. I just told her to say she was fat if they asked. But she is all into not damaging or killing the baby I guess. So we opted for this tour … Read More

Costa Rica – Day 3 – Playa Biesanz

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Kim had a rough night last night after dinner. The baby didn’t like the food I guess. So we decided to take it easy today and sleep in. We woke up just in time to get downstairs before brunch ended. Got some grub. Let me just say that any culture that serves chocolate cake at breakfast is A-OK in my … Read More