Pimp My Ride

Hummer5 Comments

After I got my H2, I put a lot into a variety of offroad upgrades like the winch, Sirius, iPod audio, and rack mounts. Since then I haven’t spent much on upgrades. Late last year, my eyes started wandering to other trucks. Look at the cool stuff they have! So I decided it was time to refresh the truck and … Read More

Blu-Ray Is Slow

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Is it just my Sony BDP-S500 or do all Blu-Ray players take forever and a day to load a movie? I have this annoying loading progress bar that comes up. It fills to 100% over and over again. Who taught Sony about user interface? You fill a progress bar one time and then the operation is done. You can’t keep … Read More

DIY Jamba Powerboost

A Day in the Life2 Comments

With some smooth talking (or maybe it was whining), we have acquired the Powerboost formula. Kim has been mixing them up in the morning for days now and they are perfect. At long last, I have my smoothie before my LONG commute starts. The only downside is my smoothie operator likes to sleep longer than I do so I have … Read More

Flagstaff Trail

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Distance 1.06 miles Time 1 hr 03 min Elevation Gain 1,008 feet I asked Sydney if she wanted to do a little hiking with the dogs today. Sure! So she comes down in her hiking clothes. What do you think? We left Reagan and Kim behind because Reagan walked 10 feet and started crying about how her feet hurt. The … Read More

Bear Peak

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Distance 5.10 miles Time 1 hr 58 min Elevation Gain 3,791 feet My hiking partner called in nauseous — 2 days ago. Plus, she had to work at the girl’s school this morning. So I asked JV if he would give me a tour of a new-for-me Boulder peak. He agreed. So after a long drive/commute down in foggy traffic, … Read More